The Compare window Starting a text search Find all items containing 'Eric' string Search by text and show only differences

When you analyze a complex object in the “Watch” window, you may spend much time to locate the field you need. You can simply add the object into the “Compare” window (Debug → Windows → Compare) and start typing field’s name in the “Search” box. All fields matching the symbols you’re typing are immediately highlighted. The search also works with values. If you need to find all collection items containing the “Barry” string, simply start typing this value in the “Search” box.

Search inside object


Save variable values

The C++ source code Move mouse cursor to a variable Click the icon 'Create snapshot of variable' The 'Snapshot' dialog window

During the debug process you can easily save the value of any variable and then view it at any moment. You can store and review variable values of different debug sessions too. Simply move your mouse cursor to a variable in the code and click the icon that pops up.

You used to write values on a piece of paper or simply remembered them, did you? Now you are free form that as IntelliDebugger and Visual Studio will do this for you. Say goodbye to the mess on your desk!


Compare variable values

Click 'Compare' icon for first array (C# language) Click 'Compare' icon for second array Click 'Compare' icon for third array The result in the 'Compare' window

You can compare values of any objects or arrays, see what elements and fields have differences. Plus you can compare current variable values with those you previously saved, or even last saved values with those you saved before.

For example, let’s suppose you’re passing an object to a third-party library function and want to monitor all fields that are changing. So you simply save a value before and after passing it to a function and then add snapshots of values in the “Compare” window (Debug → Windows → Compare).

Let’s say you have two arrays and you want to find all differences between them. So you point the variable of the first array with the mouse and select “Compare variable” icon and do the same action for the second array. You will get the result in the "Compare" window, so easy!

In other words, you can now compare virtually everything that can be compared (has the same type).

Compare variable values


Break exceptions only from Solution

IntelliDebugger provides an opportunity to break only when an exception thrown from code of Solution.

Break exceptions only from Solution


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