IntelliDebugger + Microsoft Visual Studio DebuggerIntelliDebugger

makes Visual Studio debugging a much faster and convenient process. It undertakes routine operations so a developer can focus on writing the code.


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IntelliDebugger is an extension of Visual Studio that aims to simplify code debugging

The current version supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 / 2012 / 2013 / 2015, unmanaged C++, C# languages and the following main features.

Variable Snapshot

IntelliDebugger allows saving of any variable values and view them later.

Save variable value


Compare Variables

IntelliDebugger provides advanced comparison capabilities to compare any variable values and saved values.

Compare variable values


Search inside object

IntelliDebugger quickly finds any object’s field by its name or value.

Search inside object


Break exceptions only from Solution

IntelliDebugger provides an opportunity to break only when an exception thrown from code of Solution.

Break Exceptions only from Solution

Integrates with Visual Studio

All IntelliDebugger’s features are smoothly integrated to Visual Studio. The “Compare” window appears in Visual Studio for view/compare variables and snapshots of theirs.